The Sword of KingsEdit

180px-Kings sword

This sword is the iconic blade wielded by Loto/Erdrick in the Dragon Quest trilogy.

You find the blade in Charlock Castle in Dragon Quest I and Dragon Quest II, and once you find the metal known as Oricon/Oriculhiulm in Dragon Quest III and sell it to an NPC in the town of Kol, it can be bought for a sizable sum of money.

The sword is also in Dragon Quest IX.


  • In Dragon Quest III, the blade is known as the Sword of Kings.
  • In Dragon Quest Swords you make the blade by tempering a sword with other items. It teaches the Gigaslash master stroke.
  • It's made appearances in other RPGs, notably Final Fantasy XII, as the Wyrmhero Blade. It's one of the blades held by Gilgamesh.
  • You can also buy it as a Keychain from the Square-Enix store.
  • Only a total BAMF can use the Sword of Kings.