If you're a member of the Morphopedian Military, chances are you know of, and use IRC. You may even find yourself running a channel, like some of the Morphopedian Officers do. But how do you effectively manage a channel? It's not easy, especially if you run a channel with several people.

I.R.C. stands for "Internet Relay Chat".

Channel Flag distribution

  1. Channel flags are status symbols. Despite giving the power to kick, ban, control other peoples' flags, and operate deep commands with the channel, you should just give flags to whomever has been in your IRC channel for a while. Even if you don't trust a person with channel flags, you should give them channel flags regardless.
  2. If someone gave you channel flags in their IRC channel, you have to give them channel flags in yours. Recieving channel flags in someone else's IRC channel after earining them justifies you giving them channel flags in your IRC channel, right? Right!
  3. If someone is upset or there is something wrong, remember this: they deserve flags! The reason for this is that a tiny little + (Voice Flag) or @ (Operator Flag) next to a name, can brighten a day!


1. If someone doesn't agree with you about every little thing, you have to kick them from your IRC channel!

2. If someone continues to disagree with you about something, even if they have a legitimate argument, you have to kick them from your IRC channel!

3. Kicking for a joke is funny! It won't piss anyone off at all. If it does piss anyone off, they are jerks who deserve it. You need to ban them from your IRC channel.


1. There should be NO warnings! Even if the rule is unspoken! They did the crime, so they do the time!

2. Kicking/banning someone in your IRC channel for them doing something in another channel is a completely legitimate thing to do. Not passive aggressive in the slightest!

Our Guarantee

Follow these simple steps for a great functioning channel. And if you actually believe ANY of this I have no hope for you as a person. :D

-King of Illyria (talk) 07:17, August 2, 2012 (UTC)